I am a classic farm girl, and was raised on my families ranch around cows, horses and tractors. Now my husband and I have our own ranch with a herd of cows, plenty of horses and lots of dogs! I am very passionate about agriculture and love to connect with other farmers/ranchers about our lifestyle! Do you want to wander out into your cow pasture to take photos with the herd? I'm your girl. Do you want sunset photos at your feedlot? I can't wait. If you want to work with someone that will knows your way of life, look no farther! Let's chase the sunset, roam through fields, laugh, and tell your love story. 

telling those small town love stories

i love....

There is nothing I love more than a bride who vows to be a gate getter/bookkeeper and right hand man for the rest of her days And a groom who vows to try and keep his calm while sorting cows and promises romantic rides and trips to town!

a few of my favourite things

The smell of fresh cut hay
A hot coffee and a nice candle
Newborn calves bucking and playing
Summer evenings
Branding Calves in the spring

I am a mama to my sweet little girl Saige, wife to my husband Tanner, and on a day to day basis you can find me doing all the typical ranch wife things! I've always wanted to be a mom and a ranch wife, and photography has become an outlet I enjoy so much! God is good! 

Living the dream...

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